new twist events
A boutique event planning company that creates memorable events & experiences embodying the unique approach, the fresh idea - the new twist.




From donor gatherings and fundraisers, to intimate backyard salons and house parties, to milestone gatherings and performative events, new twist events provides a range of services so you can chill, relax and do what you do best - be the host and enjoy.


venue selection & house parties

What are you dreaming up? Whether you're imagining a distinctive venue or looking to transform your own space, we are here to help. We work with you to determine potential locations and then narrow down and assess your options to find a spot that perfectly fits your style and budget. If you are planning a house party, we work with you to creatively brainstorm how to transform your home into a festive space for a celebration. 


planning & logistics

The devil is in the details. We couldn't agree more. We're here to take those pesky details off your plate, so you can enjoy being the host. From fleshing out your ideas and creating a logistics plan, to managing the budget and overseeing contracts, we work with you to get things done strategically and seamlessly. 


design & decor

Make it pretty. Co-creating with our clients to craft unique experiences is one of the things we do best. We work with some of the most talented artists around to create distinctive signature touches that will reflect your style & aesthetic. 


nibbles & libations

Everyone remembers the food, right? Luckily, we know some of the top private chefs and caterers in SoCal and we love working with them. From hand-crafted signature cocktails to farm-to-table nibbles, we collaborate with you to create a menu that is distinctive to your event.



Don’t forget dessert. Not only do we have a sweet-tooth, but we also happen to know some of the best pastry chefs around town. We are more than happy to sample the product to find the perfect sweet solution to end the evening.

vendor selection & management

Go team! Building the right team is key to the flow of your event. we connect our clients with with top-notch professionals that are talented, dependable and - most importantly - fit our clients' needs.